Dehydrated Pineapple Dices (Natural)

Dehydrated candied pineapples  — pieces from pineapple core, extracted by boiling in sugar syrup and dehydrated in oven. They are sweet and soft texture when chewed. There are diffirent kinds by appearance: dices, rings, sticks, tablets, slices. Candied pineapples can be natural light-yellow color (natural) or bright multicolored (mix).

  • Dices from dehydrated pineapple core in natural color (light yellow)
  • Sizes: 3-5 mm, 8-10 mm
  • Sweet taste
  • Without foreign taste and odours
  • Soft texture when chewed
  • Moisture: not more than 15%
  • Origin: India, Thailand
dices 3-5 mm
  • dices 3-5 mm
  • dices 8-10 mm
20 kg carton box
  • 20 kg carton box
Application area
  • confectionary industry
  • baking industry
  • manufacturing of snacks, quick-serve products
  • as additives to compots and jams
  • as the human grade products
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