Dried Dill

Dried dill is a spice obtained from the dried leaves of a herbaceous plant. Dried dill is three times ahead of fresh dill in terms of energy value, retains not only color, smell and taste, but also all useful nutrients.

  • Small oblong granules
  • Color dark green, brownish tint possible
  • Dry and crumbly
  • With aromatic taste and smell
  • Humidity no more than 14%
  • Origin: Egypt
25 kg polyethylene-lined kraft paper bag
  • 25 kg polyethylene-lined kraft paper bag
Application area
  • art of cooking
  • food conservation
  • as an ingredient in mixed spices
  • sauces manufacturing
  • meat-processing industry
  • fish-processing industry
  • food concentrates manufacturing
  • semi-finished goods industry
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