Dried Garlic

Dried garlic is crushed into flakes or granules, and then dried cloves of ordinary garlic. The granulated garlic can then be crushed to a powder. Dried garlic is easy to use and retains its beneficial properties for a long time.

  • Creamy, golden granules or powder
  • Possible white and brown blotches
  • Dry and fragile granules (sizes 8x16, 16x26, 26x40)
  • Bulk powder
  • Humidity no more than 8%
  • Spicy taste
  • Free of foreign taste and smell
  • Origin: China
granules 8*16
  • granules 8*16
  • granules 16*26
  • granules 26*40
  • powder
25 kg polyethylene-lined kraft paper bag
  • 25 kg polyethylene-lined kraft paper bag
Application area
  • art of cooking
  • meat-processing industry
  • food conservation
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