Dried Potato Flakes

Dried potato flakes are dehydrated potatoes made from special high quality potato puree. It’s a newish product at the market. Dries potato flakes have been produced from the late XX century.

  • Thin oval sheets of dehydrated potatoes, small diameter
  • Color: from light to dark yellow
  • Loose and fragile
  • Moisture: not more than 10%
  • Packed density: 230-270 kg/litre, 320-370 kg/litre
  • Origin: Russia
17 kg kraft bag (packed density 230-270 kg/litre)
  • 17 kg kraft bag (packed density 230-270 kg/litre)
  • 20 kg kraft bag (packed density 320-370 kg/litre)
Application area
  • baking industry
  • meat-processing industry
  • manufacturing of chips, fried potatoes
  • semi-finished goods industry
  • as natural thickener in food concentrates manufacturing
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