Raisins Malayar

Raisins — dried fruits prepared from grapes. Raisins are the one of the useful dried frutis, which are known from long ago. There are a lot of types and grades of raisins depending on grape’s grade, time and location of its crop and drying methods. Raisins Malayar is the most popular type of raisins in Russian. They origin from Iran or India, have round same size berries without stones.

  • Same size whole berries of dried grapes
  • Color: from light to dark brown
  • Without stones inside
  • Sweet and sour taste and typical odour
  • Without stalks and dirt
  • Origin: India, Iran
Grade A (India)
  • Grade A (India)
  • Grade A (Iran)
10 kg carton box
  • 10 kg carton box
Application area
  • confectionary industry
  • baking industry
  • dairy industry
  • manufacturing of snacks, quick-serve products
  • beverage production
  • as the human grade products
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