Roasted Crushed Peanuts

Peanuts or groundnuts are a valuable oilseed in the legume family, but they taste more like a nut. Therefore, peanuts are more often referred to as a nut than a legume. Peanuts are grown primarily in China, India, Vietnam, South Africa, USA, Argentina and Brazil. Roasted crushed peanuts are a finishing semi-finished product used in the confectionery and bakery industries.

  • Granules 2-4 mm and 3-5 mm
  • Flat white or light cream color
  • With the characteristic taste and smell of roasted peanuts
  • Origin: Russia
2/4 mm
  • 2/4 mm
  • 3/5 mm
25 kg bag
  • 25 kg bag
Application area
  • confectionary industry
  • bakery industry
  • art of cooking
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